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DEVELOPING RESILIENCE  lying open on table.
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A book club discussing DEVELOPING RESILIENCE.


My early sex abuse created a victim persona. and as I matured, this persona placed me in challenging situations with dominant and conniving people. So, I mainly created this book to share with other incest and acquaintances' sexual abuse victims and survivors like me.

Similarly, for emotionally, psychologically, or physically abused women, I included the story of my marital gaslighting and emotional abuse from my narcissistic husband, the loss of our first baby, and my existence with meddling in-laws who didn’t know their place.

I attempt to show any survivor that we can move beyond the abuse to discover that we are strong (made that way through the abuse) and can survive it all to find inner peace.


As I created my books, I kept in mind inquisitive or adventurous readers who inadvertently might pick these books up and start to read them. They will discover a gripping read and, I am told, a page-turner.

What else will other readers find in this trilogy? They will find a story about my life with its many explorations, more than I believe most people experienced in the era I grew up in. Needed instructional information was not yet available such as found now in books or on the internet, which during my life revealed in Books One and Two were not in service to me then.

My life story begins with the Great Depression in Chapter One of Book One. I mention other historical events throughout, which attempt to explain many of my poor choices and lack of understanding, and that may also interest history fans.

Historically, the time I lived through while younger demonstrated how married women were relegated to the role of homemakers. They stayed home and were forbidden to work by society, especially by their husbands, compared to women’s freedom today. We could not obtain our own credit or even possess credit cards, which kept us dependent upon our husbands.

This book series also includes many more of my life’s circumstances and how I grew and changed with my experiences. I encountered various unfamiliar cultures that called for me to adjust or adapt. Many times, I underwent internal and external personal power struggles.

Not all my experiences were difficult; the reader will often appreciate how the positive can come with the negative. I comment periodically on my behavior and foolish choices throughout the series utilizing my therapist’s or matured insights. As Edgar Cayce would say, “Make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks.”

Readers will learn about how I constantly sought love, my sexual trials and tribulations, plus abortions. I touch on my various and diverse jobs and careers, including acting and modeling. Other subjects that may interest the reader include my uncommon adolescence, drinking and smoking, fraternity parties, beauty pageant competitions, counseling or therapy assistance, and personal and spiritual growth.

But throughout it all, I continued learning and growing, primarily through each experience. #MeToo.

     Please order your copy of this book at any of the following links.

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